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This whole book, in fact, constitutes ‘Instalment-2’ of author's “Prediction about US presidential election 2016” written on 30th July,2016. The ‘Installment-1’ of the prediction is given after ‘the end’ of this book’s story- for the ready reference of the reader, so that he/she does not have to look for it elsewhere.

This book is an imaginary story of how Donald Trump can ‘possibly’ be elected president of the United States in November 2016 --despite his current status of trailing behind his rival Hillary Clinton in opinion polls? How just one event could alter the situation completely? Within one week of the event, how her entire lead of two digits in all the battleground states could evaporate and slide down to zero, and in fact, could put Trump in a position of lead? How just one event could catapult the entire situation? How Trump, however narrowly, could in fact ‘win’ the general election by managing to secure a lead in the delegate count, but not in total number of votes polled? All this has been elaborated in detail in this book.

On having been elected, how president Trump would fail to keep his promises despite his sincerely trying to do so.? How he would get in direct confrontation with US congress on this very issue, and finally be impeached out of the White House? How vital a role his own tongue would play in all this game? Not only that, how he would also earn an imprisonment for himself at the hands of congress along with the impeachment? And lastly, how he would meet the end of his life through natural process, but of his own making in the ultimate analysis? All these details have been visualized in this book.

Ladies and gentlemen, words do matter in shaping the events. Specially, the words used by the president of the United States. In this book, the presumed ‘elected’ president Trump uses certain words and indulges in certain follies from time to time, which shape the events leading up to his eventual fall through impeachment and even imprisonment. But the question arises, Can president Trump “smart” as he is, or as he claims himself to be, really use those words or indulge in those follies? Currently (July-Aug, 2016), during the campaign, a guard appears to have been placed lately on his tongue by his political advisors, and may be, by his family members due to his falling poll numbers. But on having been once elected as the president, that guard is likely to be automatically get removed and thrown aside by Mr. Trump. Mr. Trump would become his own self once again, and would resort to the famous freewheeling style of his tongue, which launched him in the mode to win the nomination in the first place, where no word would remain out of its reach for use in any context that he likes to. Consequently, the events are bound to take the shape as visualized in this book. I leave up to the reader to decide whether Mr. Trump can actually use those crucial words, indulge in those follies under those circumstances. I think he can, and he will—leading to “horrible” consequences for himself, but excellent for his vice presidential running mate, whose dream of becoming the president of the United States would be realized without any extra effort on his own part.


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